Paradise Hops by Liz Crowe

I really liked the idea behind this book.  I was especially intrigued at the level of detail that went into describing the brew process and the fact that the book was mostly set around a brewery.  Definitely not something that I’ve read before and it was great.

This book features a young girl overcoming a devastating personal tragedy stuck in a sort-of love triangle with the guy that’s perfect for her and one she should be content with, and the sexy, grumpy, bad-ass.   I wanted to love this book but the second act was weird for me.  I had trouble coming back into the story after it.  The remainder of the story was as good as the first.  The epilogue was great – a great ending to a decent story.  It was a quick and easy read for me.  I liked it but definitely didn’t fall in love with it.

Paradise Hops

Written By: Liz Crowe

How I Got It: Complimentary of the publisher via NetGalley

Started:  2/16/13

Finished: 2/17/13


A brutal attack left Lori Brockton convinced she was damaged goods. By the time she emerges from hiding two years later, ready to run her family’s famous brewery, she’s determined to be independent–never rely on anyone ever again. Nearly a year of working in every corner of Brockton Brewing Company, from warehouse to pub, front office to kitchen, teaches her all she needs to know about the business. Then, she comes face-to-face with masculine perfection in a suit and her world is rocked in more ways than one. Garret Hunter is the new Brockton business manager who takes one look at the beautiful, sad young woman and his entire existence coalesces around winning her heart.

But standing between Garrett and what he believes is his true love, is a six-feet six-inch blond-haired bad boy brewer.

Eli Buchannan is a craft beer rock star, recently hired by Brockton to drag the company into the 21st century. He brings innovation and attitude plus a prima donna ladies’ man reputation. But he’s sworn off anything resembling commitment, personal or professional, after getting burned at his last job on both fronts.

Garret Hunter is “The Perfect Man” — handsome, successful, stable, eager to settle down. Eli Buchannan… is not. Compelling, smoking hot, creative and elusive, he represents everything Lori Brockton should avoid. But just as she makes a difficult choice, a drastic life-changing shift occurs, and nothing is ever the same again.


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