I’m an addict

Okay so you know how they say the first step is to admit your problems?  I’m going to say it….deep breath…I’m an addict.  I crave my next book just like a junkie craves their next score.  Fortunately for me my addiction won’t someday cause me permanent brain damage.  At least I don’t think it will.  There is a definite lack of sleep and my bank account takes a hit almost daily.   I can’t quit and quite frankly I don’t want to.

I love to read.  No seriously I LOVE to read.  I read 4 books between last Saturday afternoon and early Sunday morning. I’ve read 17 books since January 1st. I know I’m a bit obsessive. I laugh, I cry, I feel joy and I feel anguish.  I love, I hate, I sigh and I’m transported somewhere else, I forget where I am and just somehow warp into the world the author has created for me.  It’s sometimes a sickness.  I seriously have to blink myself back into reality when it’s over.

I can, have, and will probably read almost anything.  My current addictions lie within the young-adult and contemporary genres.  I’ve also been known to read Amish fiction, a few thrillers, and historical fiction.  Gone With The Wind and Little Women will always be books I return to and I will always be slightly scared of clowns after reading Stephen King’s IT.  I was the most prolific reader in 8th grade and I am known to devour a book in a few hours.  Unless it’s terrible, and even a book lover such as myself has sadly encountered a few really sucky books over time, I usually finish the books I read very quickly.  This is where the addict notion comes from.  I. can’t. put. them. down.  I have to know what’s going to happen.  Is he cheating on her?  Is she attracted to someone else?  Will they break-up will they stay together… is it happily ever after?  Heaven forbid if there is a next book that’s not been released yet.  Book hangover doesn’t even begin to describe it.

I’m Shannon and I’m a addict and I can’t wait to share my habit with you 🙂