Review Requests

If you are an author that writes contemporary romance, historical romance, young/new adult books I’d love to read it and review it for you.  I’m sorry I’m not into vampires, warewolves, or paranormal books.

I typically post my reviews here and I’ve started using Twitter and Facebook as well.  I’ll also review on and Goodreads.  I’d be happy to participate in blog tours, blog hops, cover reveals, author interviews, etc.  Just let me know e-mail me at

All of my reviews and opinions about the books I read are my own.  I will not praise a book I don’t like and I will be honest about it.  If this would bother you, please don’t ask for a review.

When I’m lucky I get ARC’s from publishers via NetGalley.  So sometimes I’ve got a lot of books to read.  But if you’re interested in my reading and posting a review check in with me and I’ll let you know if we can work together.


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