One More Kiss by Mary Blayney

Between now and my last breath, I hope I can become the kind of person you could love, that I can someday earn the same respect from you that you have for your father, the same friendship you feel for Roger Tremaine, and for the same love for me that I have for you.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a review at NetGalley.

This was a fun book.  Forty-one chapters it was a decent sized book.  It took me about 2 days to finish. I know historical romances aren’t normally fun but this one was pretty fun.  I’ve read a lot of historical romances and this one was really different from any that I’ve read before.  So that rated it definite points right there.

This title will be available April 30, 2013.  If you like historical romances you won’t be disappointed with this one.

Like his eyes, she thought, and could not decide whether to abandon her new perfume or bathe in it.


Mary Blayney, the acclaimed author of Courtesan’s Kiss, returns to the Pennistan family with this new historical romance—the delectable story of a free-spirited beauty with no interest in marriage who gets more than she bargained for when a seductive kiss leads to the possibility of love.

Dispatched by their ambitious father to snag a titled husband, Beatrice Brent and her twin sister, Cecilia, attend a house party with an array of eligible gentlemen. Defiantly ignoring her father’s wishes, Beatrice flirts shamelessly with Lord Jessup Pennistan, a gamer with scandal in his past—and the one man her father has warned her against. But when flirting goes too far, Beatrice suddenly finds herself engaged and, worse, estranged from her family. Though convinced that her fiancé’s wicked ways will bring nothing but heartache, Beatrice is powerless against Jess’s masterful seduction and the anticipated delights of the marriage bed.

A gambling man who has lost more than his family is willing to forgive him for, Jess quickly realizes that compromising Beatrice was the best mistake he ever made. But to keep her he must right the wrongs of the past, reclaim his lost fortunes, and place the boldest wager of his life. For now he has everything to win . . . and everything to lose.

A Most Scandalous Proposal by Ashlyn Macnamara

With a smile, he took her hand in his and laid her palm flat against the hard plane of his chest.  “You touch, you kiss, you do whatever your heart wishes.  I doubt very much any of it would displease me.”  Ashlyn MacNamara – A Most Scandalous Proposal

Product Details

Written By: Ashlyn Macnamara
Published By: Ballentine Books
Publication Date: February 26, 2013
How I Got It: Complimentary Advanced Copy from the publisher via NetGalley
Started: 1/30/2013
Finished: 1/30/2013


In Ashlyn Macnamara’s stunning romance debut—perfect for fans of Julia Quinn,  Eloisa James, and Sabrina Jeffries—two childhood friends in Regency England  discover love with the most unlikely of partners: each other.

After watching her beloved sister, Sophia, pine over the ton’s golden boy for years, Miss Julia St. Claire has foresworn love and put herself firmly on the shelf.   Unfortunately, her social-climbing mother and debt-ridden father have other ideas, and jump at the chance to marry Julia off to the newly named Earl of  Clivesden . . . the man of Sophia’s dreams.

Since resigning his cavalry commission, Benedict Revelstoke has spent his time in London avoiding the marriage mart. But when he discovers that the Earl of Clivesden has his sights
set on Julia, Benedict tries to protect his childhood best friend from the man’s advances—only to discover that more than friendship is driving his desire to defend her. He surprises them both with the force of his feelings, but when Julia refuses him, and her father announces her betrothal, Benedict fears he’s lost her forever—until Julia approaches him with a shocking scheme that will ruin her for all respectable society and lead them into an exquisite world of forbidden pleasures.

Welcome to the world of matchmaking mamas, rakes, and the ton.  Julia St. Claire and her sister Sophia have the ultimate matchmaking mama – who will not rest until her daughters have suitably moved up in their social ranking.

Ashlyn Macnamara has penned a great cast of characters – excluding the terrible Earl of Clivesden – really no one likes the bad guy.  This was a quick read for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the plot.  There were several laugh-out-loud moments and several swoon worthy quotes.   I’ve always been a fan of the regency period and this book did not disappoint.   It appears that A Most Scandalous Proposal is a debut novel for the author and I definitely give it 4 stars and recommend it to others.